An adventure into dressmaking 

For a while I have been thinking about learning dressmaking but everything about patterns scared me. What did all the markings mean? How do I know what types of fabric to use and where do I buy them? How do I measure myself correctly? I decided 2015 was going to be my year to learn and conquer.

So I signed up for an introduction to sewing class, a weekend, two 7 hour days learning the basics and making an a line skirt.

The pattern we used was Kwik Sew K3877. I was pretty lost on the fabric having been told to get medium weight cotton. I ended up in John Lewis on Oxford Street after work one evening and came out with this:



It is called 1376 Sakura Blossom by Makower UK. It has a Japanese blossom on it and it reminded me of the sort of prints you see in shops like Fat Face and White Stuff.

Here’s the finished article (excuse the dodgy photos – another area to work on). It is a better fit than it looks but it needs lining or a petticoat.




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