Quilt for nephew #1

When designing the quilts for my nieces I had no problems picking fabrics and designing them. My aim was for something feminine but not childish so they might use them for years to come (I envisage them taking their quilts to uni with them but I think I am ahead of myself as they are only 2). Picking fabric with the same thoughts in mind for little boys is so much harder.

I purchased a fat quarter bundle of blue checked and stripped material about a year ago ready for Elliot’s quilt. Then I put it aside and did nothing with it for 9 months. I knew somewhere inside that the fabric wasn’t right but I was stuck with what to do. His 2nd birthday came and went in August with no present from his Auntie.

I finally decided that I needed to get different fabric and after a lot of blog research realised that it would probably work best if I stopped worrying about it being childish, what is the likelihood of it surviving 16 years in the hands of a little boy?

So I purchased a Moda layer cake ‘Mixed Bag’ in brushed cotton. I played around with the design for the top, cutting up the layer cake until I settled on a design. After sewing the top together I backed it in plain white as the front is so colourful, and found some lovely yellow fabric in a charity shop which I used to bind it.

The quilt was finally delivered six months late but he didn’t seem to care! Best get cracking on the next one for nephew #2 as his birthday is in June and I will need to ship it abroad to them in time.




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