Dinosaur theme

Our friends are having their first baby and have decided to decorate the nursery in a dinosaur theme. I thought it would be nice to make them some dinosaur themed items for baby Billy. I made a quilt and what they call in America a diaper bag. Here are some pictures of the quilt which has the dinosaur material on one side and some plain colourful material on the other.

The diaper bag is from a design and tutorial posted by Amber at Crazy Little Projects http://crazylittleprojects.com/

For the outside material I used Robert Kaufman, Urban Zoologie, Dinosaurs Navy and the inside was also Robert Kaufman, City Centre, Tree Fabric which I had in my stash. It used lots of techniques that were new to me but I was really pleased with the way it came out.


Baby quilt #2

My friend for whom I made the Winnie the Pooh baby quilt in January last year is having another baby so I decided to make another Winnie the Pooh inspired quilt for this little bundle of joy. I found some fabric with Piglet and Pooh on and decided to go with bright colours again on the other side. I went away from the patchwork squares that I have used before and freeformed a design from strips. The photos below show the initial layout of the design and then the quilt sewn together. This is the first time I have not bound the quilt, but used what I think is called the ‘bagging’ technique. It makes construction a lot quicker.

My first quilt 

The first quilt I attempted was done without much guidance and with the help of my Mum’s sewing machine (thanks Mum). I used the sewing machine to join the patchwork on the front, but then quilted it by hand which took ages.

The quilt was for my friends first baby, she loves Winnie the Pooh so I managed to find a lovely piece of green fabric to use as the backing (although she uses that as the front) and some bright colourful material for the front to stimulate the baby. At the time I was making it she did not know what she was having so the colours are gender neutral. 

I was pretty pleased with the end result and it certainly gave me the quilting bug. Here are some pictures of the finished article.