Quilts for niece #1 and #2

I have two nieces that were both born in 2010, Isla and Elena. I decided for their 2nd birthdays I would like to try and make them a present that was unique and would last longer than the latest book/toy/game usually does. After a lot of research on different websites I settled on making them a quilt each. At this point the majority of the sewing I had done was in home economics in school when I was 13/14 years old, and I can’t remember anything of use that I made in that class!

I had a look on a number of craft websites and blogs for ideas on how to make a patchwork quilt. The best guide I came across was from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, who have a step by step guide on YouTube.

Next came the fun bit, picking and ordering the fabrics. I have now spent quite a lot of time and money on eBay, finding that the Moda Charm Packs met my brief fully and allowed me to pick some lovely fabrics for the girls quilts.

For Isla I chose ‘Strawberry Fields’:

For Elena I chose ‘Ruby’:

For both the girls I chose matching fabrics for the edging and backing.

The quilts took about 20 hours each to make with the help of both my mother and mother-in-laws sewing machines.

Here are some final pictures of Isla’s quit (I forgot to take any of Elena’s before I shipped it off to Germany with her Dad).