My first Wiksten Tova 


So I have finally got some photos of my first Wiksten Tova and I am excited to share them with you.

First I feel I should explain that I hate photos of myself and generally avoid them at all costs but for the sake of my blogging I posed for these today at a lovely National Trust place and let my husband take photos.

This is my first top and only my second piece of clothing I have made. I probably should have eased my way in with something simple, but anyone who knows me knows that is just not my way.

Having read loads of blogs I came across the Wiksten Tova and fell in love, it is the style of top I like to buy in RTW clothing so being able to make my own was the way forward.



The material is some cheap cotton that I picked up from Masons in Abingdon which is probably more appropriate for sewing smart trousers or a skirt. It is lovely and soft though, sewed like a dream and has washed and ironed well.

There were so many new things for me to learn with this pattern but with the instructions and a sew-a-long I found it was do-able.

I used my walking foot for most of it and just took my time. The placket on the front doesn’t quite overlap as it seems to have moved when attaching it to the rest of the top, but otherwise I was very happy with the outcome. I made a FBA and shortened the dress length that I cut to what you see in the pictures.

Another Tova is on the plans for the near future, watch this space.


An adventure into dressmaking 

For a while I have been thinking about learning dressmaking but everything about patterns scared me. What did all the markings mean? How do I know what types of fabric to use and where do I buy them? How do I measure myself correctly? I decided 2015 was going to be my year to learn and conquer.

So I signed up for an introduction to sewing class, a weekend, two 7 hour days learning the basics and making an a line skirt.

The pattern we used was Kwik Sew K3877. I was pretty lost on the fabric having been told to get medium weight cotton. I ended up in John Lewis on Oxford Street after work one evening and came out with this:



It is called 1376 Sakura Blossom by Makower UK. It has a Japanese blossom on it and it reminded me of the sort of prints you see in shops like Fat Face and White Stuff.

Here’s the finished article (excuse the dodgy photos – another area to work on). It is a better fit than it looks but it needs lining or a petticoat.